Saturday, 3 September 2011

Fair Verona

~ Dress from Zara

We had an idea to take a trip to Italy to explore the romanticism of Venice, Verona and the hills in between. In need of relaxing holiday meant we needed to move away from the trend of visiting Ibiza each summer, which of course I adore. This meant we could truly explore historic architecture and eat renowned great food. I had been so excited to venture to Italia and Italia did not let me down. The peeling ancient walls, the romantic balcony’s, the Italian language and of course the retro Vespa had me excited each day. I found myself photographing something and anything around each corner it became impossible not to see the cities through a lens.

Verona, a beautiful antique city, saw the start to our journey in Italy. I cannot find the words to describe how lovely both aesthetically and atmospherically the old town of Verona is. As we all know Verona is home to the greatest love storey told, Romeo and Juliet, and who could blame Shakespeare for seeing how rightly romantic Verona is.

I recommend wondering the old town streets where you will find squares with the most beautiful paintings on the buildings, balcony’s formed with such detail and your eyes will be wide open as you wonder the streets and wander about the years past.

I particularly fell in love with a palace garden, guisyi de guisti (photographs can be found on a previous entry Found by crossing the river from the historic old town. As soon as I walked through the walled entrance and had a glimpse into the gardens I felt immensely thrilled to explore its beauty. It was like an enchanted, magical garden to get lost in and admire Verona from above.

The historic buildings in Verona often made me look intensely as I had to remind myself that they were not part of a dream. To best describe Verona I would conclude Verona is exceptionally pretty it made me question whether it could possibly be real.

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