Saturday, 30 July 2011

A saturday evening stroll...

For once the sun has been shining the entire day. This is a rare occasion during the summer months in England so as you can imagine its such a delight when it does. Unfortunately I had plans which didn't involve the sun today so when it reached early evening I squeezed in some sun time.

I really love the corn fields at the moment, I would love to do a fashion shoot in them when the sun begins to set. With no model at hand today I decided to have a little walk amongst them. It was lovely. And very bizarre. In this field were what must have been 100 ladybirds, it was amazing and the shire volume was such a surprise as I have never seen so many in one place.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Smirnoff Vodka photo shoot

The Smirnoff vodka bottle. Crisp. Sharpe. Sophisticated.
I do enjoy table top photography especially as I can control the lighting, leave the set up and return once I’ve had a moment to try and comprehend why I can’t seem to perfect the set up. I enjoy the challenge of reflecting light, I enjoy the end result.

I decided I would use Smirnoff Vodka as my subject as I wanted to experiment with working with glass and progress my perfume shots to more of a challenge. Comparing this to that of the perfume I adopted a more simple manor through a white backdrop, clean sharp lines and choice of prop. However I felt the Issey Miyake shoot seem to capture far more of an imperceptible relationship between subject and prop than the obvious approach with the Smirnoff shoot, which I prefer.

Much more practice is needed to improve my ability of using light when photographing table top subjects. I do believe (and hope) that once I can master light I will improve greatly.

Any suggestions for improvement?

Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Clothes Show Live

In 2009 I was asked to take photographs for a free publication called Lounge Magazine, based in Northampton. When I was told I would attend the Clothes Show Live take photographs for the main feature for that issue I was thrilled. This morning whilst looking through some of my old photographs I came across this collection and decided to share a couple. This was the first time I has ever photographed such a large event, the buzz I felt was unbelievable from the moment I stood at the end of the runway to the moment I opened the publication.