Sunday, 22 May 2011

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

beautiful garden

I’ve always loved roses and you can probably guess why. My nan’s garden is full of the most beautiful array of roses and their perfumes truely are divine, one even smells of turkish delight.

My friends wardrobe...

This time last year I visited my friends for dinner one evening after work. The sky was a little dull and it was freezing yet we decided to have some fun by venturing out to do a shoot. For this shoot we raided her wardrobe to find three outfits which she adored. I hope to do the same soon to explore her up dated wardrobe and chat about her new adored finds. It’s so much fun looking through other people’s wardrobes even chatting it about it is a pleasure.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Something borrowed, something new, something old...

Sequin vintage top borrowed from a dear friend.
I adore this sequined top mainly due to the large butterfly both on the front and the back as butterfly's are one of my favourite appreciations! Another reason is that this top can be worm in so many ways. I've shown it worn both casual and dressy.

New Maxi dress from H&M 14.99
Well you can't really go wrong with the price. This lovely flower printed maxi makes me dream of running around meadows or yellow fields (rape seed) at dusk.

Old All Saints Skirt worn as a dress
This rather large skirt makes such a good dress due to the bundles of material. I even reckon I could team it with a pair of wellington boots at Glastonbury. I don't tend to wear the skirt often but really like the effect it has as a dress. I just need to perfect the how the top of it falls over me.

A Saturday monring walk...

This morning when I woke I had an urge to spend the morning walking around the gardens of Cannon Hall. We’re about to start designing our garden and I’ve been meaning to get some ideas. Cannon Hall has some lovely gardens open for people to wonder around as well as a garden centre. Like I’ve mentioned previously I do love to photograph flowers.